Underbody Dump Body

The featured unit this month is a U-11 dump body. This underbody dump body was mounted with a Venco Venturo VC516SF-ED hoist. We made the choice to up to a bigger hoist, due to customer hauling needs. This customer requested that we remove the cab shield piece that extends over the cab horizontally. They prefer this look without the cab shield extended piece. Warren is always happy to accommodate special requests!

This customer is located in Prattville, AL, and their fleet features all green cab trucks. This customer has a tandem Warren FL-14 and is adding to the fleet.

underbody dump body Body Specs:

Yardage: 4/5
Floor Material: 3/16 A1011
Front / Material: 24″ 10 GA A1011
Side / Material: 18″ 10 GA A1011
Vertical Side Brace: No
Horizontal Brace: No
Hoist / Cylinder: Venco VC416SF-ED
Hydraulics: Yes

Tailgate – 3 Panel Vertical
Material: 10 GA A1011
Height: 24
Slope: None
Chains: 5/16″
Double Acting: Yes

Warren is now stocking underbody dump bodies in this style in 9 foot and 11 foot lengths.


Underbody Dump Body

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