Dump Body of the Week

Square Type Dump Body – FL Series

This week’s dump body of the week is a FL-16 for Bunch Truck Group – Savannah. The FL series is a square type dump body that is the original workhorse of the Warren dump body line. Available with a variety of options, this unit’s specs can be found below.



Yardage: 13/16

Floor Material: 3/16 A1011

Front / Material: 48″ 10 GA A1011

Side / Material: 40″ 10 GA A1011

Vertical Side Brace: Yes

Horizontal Brace: No

Hoist / Cylinder: VTLW-74135

Hydraulics: Yes




Cabshield: Full Width-1/2 (24″)

Asphalt Apron: 8″

Lights: LED Standard

Hydraulic Hoses/Fittings: Yes

Pump: 35 gal w/air shift CW

Console: Air/Air

Conspicuity Tape: Yes

Mudflaps and Brackets: Yes

Side Boards: Wood Boards




Air Operated: Yes

Panel: 9

Material: 10 GA A1011

Height: 48

Slope: None

Chains: 5/16″

Double Acting: No

High Lift Gate: No

Side Swing – Ground Operated: Yes

** Two-Way Tailgate

Center Opening: No

Material Gate: None

Water Tight: None


Color: Warren Black


TARP system – installed

Installation: Installed

Brand: Donovan

Manual / Electric: Electric

Type: Arm

Aluminum / Steel: Aluminum

Bent Arm: No

Tarp Size: 90″x19′

Tarp Type: Asphalt


Customer Provided





The FL series has 4” channel crossmembers on 12” centers and is constructed from A1011-45 high tensile steel. This square type dump body is perfect for every day hauling and is one of our more popular dump body models.

For information on all of our dump body models, please visit Dumptrucks.com, Products page. You will find pictures and information on the full range of models we offer. Remember, we are happy to customize our dump body models to fit your specifications!

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AR-450 Dump Body – Featured Unit of the Week

Demolition Dump Body – WAR-16

This week’s dump body of the week is an AR-450 dump body for Burrough’s Diesel. This all 1/4” AR-450 dump body is an elliptical dump body that was recently displayed in the Mississippi Association of Supervisors Convention. This unit was one of two dump bodies purchased by Burrough’s for Noxubee County. This WAR-16 body was installed on a 4700 Western Star.


Both WAR-16’s have the following specifications:

WAR-16          DUMP BODY – AR ELLIPTICAL – 16′

Yardage: 19/21

Floor Material: 1/4 AR450

Front / Material: 62″ 1/4 AR450

Side / Material: 54″ 1/4 AR450

Hoist / Cylinder: VTLW-74135

Hydraulics: YesAR-450 Dump Body


Air Operated: Yes

Panel: 2 Horizontal

Material: 1/4 AR450

Height: 62″

Slope: None

Chains: 5/16″

High Lift Gate: Air Operated


Cabshield: Full Width-3/4 (36″)

Asphalt Apron: 10″ Push Type

Lights: LED Standard

Oval S/T/T: (1) Per Post amber flashing


Cap angle sides and tailgate

Steps inside and out

Front amber 6″ oval LED lights c/s


Hydraulic Hoses/Fittings: Yes

Pump: Permco 35 gal w/air shift CCW

Console: Air/AirIMG_5038

Conspicuity Tape: No

Mudflaps and Brackets: Yes

Side Boards: Metal -2×8

PAINT            Warren Black

PTO    Power Take Off

Muncie TG8 Series

TARP SYSTEM          TARP system – installed

Brand: Donovan

Manual / Electric: Electric

Type: Arm

Aluminum / Steel: Aluminum

Tarp Size: 90″x20′

Tarp Type: Asphalt


Pintle Plate: 3/4″

Pintle Hitch: 30 Ton

Glad Hands: Yes

D Rings: Yes

Electric Plug: 7 Way


For more information on our WAR series or any of our other models, please visit our Products page of our sister website, Dumptrucks.com. We have dedicated sales representatives standing by to help answer any questions you may have and to help spec your next unit.

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