10' Steel Snow & Ice Control Spreader - Omaha Orange

Stainless Undergate Spreader

Stainless Dump Body with Warren AC-620 SS Under Tailgate Spreader & Snow Plow

Snow & Ice Control Spreaders

Warren Truck & Trailer, Inc. stocks and installs the full line of snow and ice control spreaders manufactured by Warren, Inc. in Collins, MS.  Whether you need an 8 ft to fit in a 1 Ton truck or a 16' spreader to slide in a tri axle dump body, Warren has a model to fit your needs!  Spreaders are available in both carbon steel and stainless steel construction.   

Slide In Snow & Ice Control Hopper Spreaders

Warren manufactures a full line of slide in style ice control spreaders.  These spreaders are designed to easily slide in the bed of your existing dump body (or even pickup truck bed).  Also, these spreaders are available hydraulically driven off the dump body hydraulics using a diverter valve or truck central hydraulic system.  Or, you can purchase your spreader to be self contained and driven by an engine.  We offer both gas and diesel powered engine options for those who decided to buy a self-contained spreader.  So, if you are concerned you may swap out dump trucks soon a contained engine driven spreader makes more sense to purchase.

Chassis Mount Snow & Ice Control Spreaders

Perhaps, you are looking to dedicate a truck to snow fighting?  Warren offers several models of spreaders that you can mount directly to your truck frame to build the ultimate snow fighting machine!  We can build and install a steel or stainless steel spreader to mount on your truck to suit your needs.  Also, don't forget to ask us about other accessories such as adding a snow plow to your truck!

Under Tailgate Snow & Ice Control Spreaders

Additionally, Warren offers a line of under tailgate ice control spreaders.  Convert your dump body in to a snow fighting machine by adding an easy to install under tailgate spreader.  Like our other spreaders these are also available in steel and stainless steel construction.  Call us today to see what model would work best for you.

To see the various ice control spreader models available please visit our sister company’s website.