Warren Promo Video

Several weeks ago, we partnered with one of our vendors, Hyva, to put together some content for a promo video. There will eventually be several videos, but the first promo video is now available on YouTube. These videos feature Warren products working in conjunction with Hyva products. The two Warren products that we will be featuring are a Warren dumping flat bed and a Warren Half-Round dump body, In the coming weeks, we will do a write-up for each product to showcase the release of the videos.

Product Summary

Warren Half Round (WHR) Dump Bodypromo video

The first product featured in the promo video is the Warren Half Round is a heavy demolition unit that we manufacture at our Talco, TX, facility. This unit is constructed from 1/4 in Hardox 450steel. The WHR body has a true “half round” shape that allows for ultimate durability.


Warren Dumping Flat bed

promo videoThe second product featured in the promo video is a 20 ft dumping flat bed. The particular unit featured in the video was manufactured for a lumber company, but the product is very versatile.

Hyva Relationship

Warren has had a relationship with Hyva for several years now. That relationship grew stronger after we traveled to the IAA show in Germany last year. Not only did we have the opportunity to see the industry on a global scale, but we also were able to connect with Hyva on a global scale. This experience further solidified our relationship with the Hyva team. We have switched to Hyva as our preferred vendor on many products as a result.

Promo Video

For more information on other Warren products, please visit our sister company websites:
  • spreaders.com – Find information on our agriculture and ice control spreaders
  • feedtrucks.com – Find information on our bulk feed equipment including trailers and bodies
  • warrentrailers.com – See information on our various trailer models including moving floor, dump, refuse, rendering, and transfer trailers
  • fifthwheels.com – Find information on our hydraulic elevating fifth wheels
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Road Gear Headache Racks

Custom Wet Kit - Lowboy Trailer


Wetkit, Headache Rack, Lightbar


Trucks of the Month – Dec. 2017

Warren Truck & Trailer, Inc.’s featured trucks of December 2017 feature lowboy trailer wetkits.  These particular tractors were equipped with aluminum hydraulic tanks, aluminum headache racks, and a specialty light bar.

  • 15 Gallon Aluminum Hydraulic Tank with Oil Level & Temperature Indicator:  Model A4150 by American Mobile Power.  This aluminum tank assembly is constructed using bright diamond and is fully baffled.  The dimensions on this hydraulic tank are 16″ L x 14″ W x 16″ T.
  • Headache Rack: Road Gear – This 68″ X 86″ aluminum headache rack with jail bar features a 24″ x 24″ window.
  • 61″ LED Light Bar – flat mount. Clear/Clear/Clear/Clear, (4) Amber corner LED reflectors, (8) Amber 5″ LED reflectors, (8) Amber 4″ LED reflectors, (2) Amber 2″ LED reflectors, (2) LED work lights, (2) LED S/T/T lights


Custom Wet Kits

Warren Truck and Trailer, Inc. offers a wide variety of wet line kit components.  Contact us today for a quote on a custom wetkit installation or parts.  The sales staff at Warren will be happy to help you spec out the perfect wet kit components for your application.  Ask us about our dual purpose wet kits!

Request Wet Line Kit Quote


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This tandem axle Volvo tractor was converted to a dump truck by Warren Truck & Trailer, Inc. in Birmingham, AL.  This frame type MSFL Series dump body features an optional tarp system, wood boards, and insulation with polished aluminum panels.

Dump Body of the Week

This week’s dump truck of the week is a tandem Volvo tractor conversion.  Warren receives many requests to convert tractors to dump trucks.  Most older tractors have single frames.  Therefore, Warren recommends using a frame type dump body on these tractors.  However, if you do have a double frame tractor we recommend going with a frameless dump body built with AR-450 high tensile strength steel.  Most of all, Warren has a dump body model to fit most any need!

Tractor To Dump Truck Conversion

So, you are wanting to convert a tractor to a dump truck.  What all will be involved?  Warren will need to know the CT/CA. (cab to tandem measurement or cable to center of the axle for single axle tractors.)  Often times, we convert tractors with existing wet kits in to dump bodies.  In some cases we are able to use the existing PTOs and pumps on the tractor to save our customers money.  This often depends on what application the wet kit was used for.  Usually, pumps and PTOs used for dump trailer wet kits will also work for a dump body conversion.  Call Warren today to find out more on converting your used tractor to a dump truck.

Where To Get a Tractor to Dump Body Conversion Done

See the list below for the five Warren owned installation facilities.  In addition, we have a large dealer network across the US. Contact the Warren location nearest to you for more information on our line of dump bodies.

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