Dump Body of the Week

Crossmemberless Dump Body

This week’s featured unit is a WXL-16.5, a crossmemberless dump body for Shealy Truck Center in Columbia, SC. This unit is light weight, but strong! This dump body is constructed out of AR450 steel, which gives it strength, but saves weight by having no crossmembers. The WXL-16.5 is perfect for all of your heavy duty hauling, but also works great for your asphalt application.

crossmemberless dump body

This great unit has the following specifications:


Yardage: 17/20
Floor Material: 3/16 AR450
Front / Material: 56″ 3/16 AR450
Side / Material: 48″ 3/16 AR450
Vertical Side Brace: Yes
Hoist / Cylinder: VTLW-74135
Hydraulics: Yes

Air Operated: Yes
Panel: 2 Horizontal
Material: 3/16 AR450
Height: 56
Slope: 6″
Chains: 3/8″
High Lift Gate: YES

Cabshield: Variable Width-1/2 (24″)
Asphalt Apron: 8″ Push Type
Bolt On: No
Center Board Pockets Yes
Lights: LED Standard


Hydraulic Hoses/Fittings: Yes
Pump: 22 gal w/air shift CW
Side Boards: Pine – 2×8
PTO Muncie TG6 Series (AUTO)
Brand: Donovan
Manual / Electric: Electric
Aluminum / Steel: Aluminum
Bent Arm: Yes
Tarp Size: 90″x18′
Tarp Type: Mesh

Lift Axle:
Type: Steerable
Rating: 13,200 lbs.
Controls: In Cab Elec./Air Control

For information on our other great dump body models, please visit our Products page at dumptrucks.com. For information on our different locations, please visit our sister websites at:

To get a quote on your next dump body, contact us at 800-900-2545! We have dedicated sales representatives standing by to answer all of your questions and provide you with a quote for your specs!

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Featured Dump Body of the Week

Frameless 16 ft Dump Body

frameless 16 ft dump body

This week’s dump body of the week is a frameless 16 ft dump body manufactured in Collins, MS, and installed in Birmingham. This was manufactured for one of our great customers in Cumming, GA. This frameless 16 ft dump body has the below specifications. Be sure to visit dumptrucks.com for additional images and information on our Frameless dump body model.


Yardage: 16/18
Floor Material: 3/16 A1011
Front / Material: 52″ 10 GA A1011
Side / Material: 46″ 10 GA A1011
Vertical Side Brace: Yes
Horizontal Brace: Yes
Hoist / Cylinder: VTLW-74135


Air Operated: Yes
Panel: 6
Material: 10 GA A1011
Height: 52
Slope: None
Chains: 5/16″

The hard working team at Truck and Trailer installed a Muncie TG6 Series PTO and Permco pump on the Mack truck in preparation for the dump body install. As a top of the line dump body manufacturer, we can manufacture a body to meet your specific needs. Call us today at 800-900-2545 to speak to one of our dedicated sales representatives.

Be sure to visit our sister websites for information on our full line of products:


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Warren 16 ft Flatbed

Baldwin County, AL


This week’s featured unit is a 16 ft flatbed for Baldwin County, Alabama. This flatbed is mounted on a brand new Freightliner from Empire Trucks has the following spec:

  • 7” channel longitudinals
  • 3” channel crossmembers on 12” centers
  • 3/16” tread plate floor
  • 4” channel sides
  • Stake pockets on 24” centers
  • 10 gauge front bulkhead with slotted window
  • Sides: 15” high with 10 gauge material
  • Fold down rear tailgate

IMG_463216 ft flatbed


This unit also features a tow package with a 30-ton pintle hook, 3/4” pintle plate, and 7 way plug. It was manufactured in our Birmingham, AL, location and will soon be picked up by this great municipal customer. Flatbeds are great for municipalities as they can be used for a multitude of applications.

We offer many options for our flatbeds, including dumping and non-dumping systems, smooth or tread plate flooring, and various tailgate offerings. Visit our Flatbed products page to learn more about the variety of features we have available for these versatile units. For more information on the wide variety of options please call us at 800-900-2545!

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Warren LS & LF Spreaders

Litter Spreader Trucks

litter spreader trucks IMG_3440IMG_4625

Warren has several litter spreader trucks for sale in our various locations. It is prime season to invest in a new litter truck for your farm or operation! We know how difficult it can be to find a good, used truck, so we’ve taken that hassle out of the equation for you. All of the units below are mounted and ready for immediate delivery or pick up! Below you will find links to flyers on several available litter spreader trucks for sale with information on their location, truck spec, and spreader spec. There is also contact information for our sales rep, Drew, in Birmingham, AL.



Warren 2015 LS-3420 18′ 2


FREIGH 2015 WARREN LF2420-11′

Our standard spreaders are very heavy duty, offering features that our competitors would consider as “optional” as our standard equipment. We have 30” spinners, a heavy duty chain, poly floor liner, and a dual pump just to name a few of our excellent standard features.

We have both gas and diesel units available, as well as 16′ and 18′ spreaders. If you do not see the exact fit for you, we would love to build a spreader to your specifications. We offer our truck mounted units, as well as trailer/pull-type units built to meet your needs. All you have to do is call one of our dedicated sales reps to find out more information and ask for a quote. Contact them at 800-228-4842 or 800-900-2545 for a quote today!

We also keep all of our current spreader inventory on TractorHouse. Be sure to check their page frequently for all Warren inventory updates.

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