December 2017 – Custom Wet Line Kits

Trucks of the Month – Dec. 2017

December 4, 2017

Warren Truck & Trailer, Inc.’s featured trucks of December 2017 feature lowboy trailer wetkits.  These particular tractors were equipped with aluminum hydraulic tanks, aluminum headache racks, and a specialty light bar.

  • 15 Gallon Aluminum Hydraulic Tank with Oil Level & Temperature Indicator:  Model A4150 by American Mobile Power.  This aluminum tank assembly is constructed using bright diamond and is fully baffled.  The dimensions on this hydraulic tank are 16″ L x 14″ W x 16″ T.
  • Headache Rack: Road Gear – This 68″ X 86″ aluminum headache rack with jail bar features a 24″ x 24″ window.
  • 61″ LED Light Bar – flat mount. Clear/Clear/Clear/Clear, (4) Amber corner LED reflectors, (8) Amber 5″ LED reflectors, (8) Amber 4″ LED reflectors, (2) Amber 2″ LED reflectors, (2) LED work lights, (2) LED S/T/T lights

Custom Wet Kits

Warren Truck and Trailer, Inc. offers a wide variety of wet line kit components.  Contact us today for a quote on a custom wetkit installation or parts.  The sales staff at Warren will be happy to help you spec out the perfect wet kit components for your application.

Ask us about our dual purpose wet kits!