Apitong Wood Flooring – Flatbed Option

March 27, 2017

Warren Truck and Trailer, Inc. manufactures a wide variety of flatbed bodies.  We offer both standard flat beds in addition to dumping flat bed bodies.  Warren platform bodies are ready for use by all types of contractors and governmental agencies. One of our most popular options for flatbed  bodies and trailers is apitong wood flooring. 

The solid shiplap flooring is offered in various sizes, but our most common floor size has been 1-5/16”. This option is also offered for removable sides on a flatbed which we use 1-1/8” thickness in order to make it lighter and easier to remove. The widths tend to vary from 5” to 7” depending on the customer’s preference. This alternative to metal flooring has been made popular for its durability and easy maintenance. If there is damage done to the bed, one can simply replace the damaged board(s) instead of replacing the entire floor on a metal bed which will save the customer money down the road. The apitong wood surface is easier on loads that are susceptible to scratches or dents while keeping the dependability factor intact!

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