Warren 16ft Flatbed

Warren Truck and Trailer recently completed a 16ft flatbed with apitong floors for Long Lewis Ford in Muscle Shoals. This WTT-73F16-FB flatbed has many special features, including a 102” width. It also has removable sides and a toolbox that provides easy access for the new owner. It features apitong sides and was painted black at the customer’s request. Additionally, we added a custom spare tire carrier mounted under the flatbed.

The apitong floors are advantageous for trailers of this type as the wood is very tough and can withstand a multitude of applications. Its high density means that the wood retains little water, which makes for a low moisture content. This also ensures that the wood does not shrink as much as other types of wood can.

16ft flatbed

This 16ft flatbed has the following specifications:


WTTI 16′ platform body (special) – 102” wide
7″ long member, 3” cross members on 12” centers
Tapered bulkhead with slotted window
1.375″ Apitong Floor
1.125″ Apitong sides and rear (12” high) with holes for strap access
Removeable sides (3 per side, 2 on rear)
ICC bumper with reflective tape
(1) 48 X 18 X 18 toolbox
Armored clearance lights and reflectors
2″ ball receiver-type trailer hitch
4-prong in-line trailer plug
Winch-type spare tire carrier under frame

We have sales managers standing by ready to answer any questions you have about a 16ft flatbed or any Warren flatbed.

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